In speaking of King David, Rav. Shaul (the Apostle Paul) says, “After removing [King Saul], He raised up David to be their king. He also testified about him and said, ‘I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will do My will.’ From this man’s seed, in keeping with His promise God brought to Israel a Savior – Yeshua.”[1] (Acts 13:22-23) From this verse we see that David was anointed, chosen by Adonai because his heart longings were following after Adonai and his actions were obedient to His will. As we are studying the maturing of David, we will see that his response to both promotions and persecutions demonstrate why he is “a man after Adonai’s own heart”. [Ps. 66:10-12, Prov. 27:21] [Read 1 Sam. 16]

The first reference to David occurs at the rejection of Saul as king, and it is by the description of David’s character. [1 Sam. 13:11-14] In addition we also see one of the reasons why Saul was rejected from being king, impatience. This rejection of king Saul, and the subsequent tearing away of his kingdom (1 Sam. 15:28-29) from him, weighed heavily on Samuel. However, Adonai had moved on, and found someone he could “raise up” as His own. [1 Sam. 15:34 – 16:1]

We also, by the power of the Ruach HaKodesh, have been chosen by Adonai and been given gifts to serve one another. Peter writes to the congregations in Asia Minor (Modern day Turkey), both Jew and Gentile, that we all have been chosen by Adonai [1 Pet. 2:9-10], and that the gifting’s we have been given are for serving each other [1 Pet. 4:7-11].

When David was anointed by the prophet Samuel, he was not whom men would have chosen (1 Sam. 16:6-11).  In fact, not even his own father, thought it necessary to bring him to the special feast. Regardless, he was G-d’s chosen one, and was anointed in the presence of his whole family. Did his brothers accept him and honour him for this? [1 Sam. 17:27-28] Who else in Scripture was filled with the Ruach publically, and yet His own brothers would not accept Him? [Matt. 3:13-17, John 7:1-5]

Remember the Proverb that we read earlier, we are “proved by the praise we receive”? What was David’s immediate response to being anointed as the next king and filled with the Ruach? Did David go around seeking how he would fulfil this new calling? Did he promote himself? No, [1 Sam. 16:17-19] shows that he simply went back to doing what he had been doing earlier. Adonai promoted him to the court of the king, and he was simply obedient to whatever Adonai set before him. [1 Sam. 16:20-23] Weather it was worshiping Adonai in the presence of the king, or tending the sheep in the middle of nowhere, David was humble and faithful. [1 Sam. 17:15]

So how is this applicable to us? [1 Pet. 5] reminds us to be clothed with humility, because pride is something that God actively resists. Although David knew who he would become, he never sought to take it by force, but simply allowed Adonai to make it happen. If and when we are given prophetic words concerning the direction that Adonai had for our lives, I hope that we would act in the same way.

[1]   Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture references are taken from the Tree Of Life Version (TLV), 2014.