I was standing in an open paved area between buildings in the middle of a large city in the USA. I was standing next to a media man (without a tv camera) who had been called to witness an event.

Several individuals were marched across the courtyard. The man who led the procession was dressed in a pinstripe suit and brandished a pistol, police style. Following him was a woman holding her newborn baby, then a clergyman with a black suit and backward collar, then a rabbi with mini Torah scrolls, and finally Obama came with several armed guards. Each individual (woman, clergyman & rabbi) had been told to bring something to show the people they represented.

At the command of Obama, the man in the pinstripe suit called the line to a halt directly in front of me and the media man. He then turned around, and to my horror, shot the woman and the baby, and then proceeded to shoot the clergyman who had fallen to the ground already. At this point, I broke into a gut wrenching sob, and then awoke. It was so real to me that when I woke up, I felt my face to wipe away the tears.



I believe the woman and baby represented the destruction of family, specifically through abortion. Then the church will be actively persecuted. We see this happening through the ruling on homosexuality, and the ensuing “hate speech” laws. And finally the government (Obama) will then turn on the Jews, specifically those in the USA, but also against the nation Israel.