My heart continues to longs for the intimacy with Adonai that Moses and the Disciples had.  The question I asked myself from this week’s Torah portion is, “Does God feel welcome in my home?” This is all leading us to the heart cry of Moses, “Please, show me your glory!” [1]

[Read Exodus 25]
  • Vs 1-2: We see that Adonai desires that the Sanctuary be made from a free-will offering. Adonai will not dwell with those who do not want him, nor with those who serve only by compulsion. He is longing for a people who will willingly lay down their lives for Him.
  • Vs 8-9: The purpose of building this Sanctuary is so that Adonai may dwell with Beni-Yisrael. Moses was called to “make for me … according to … the pattern” he saw on the mountain. This is repeated several times. We are told to “Work out our salvation with fear and trembling,” (Phil. 2:12) We are responsible for our lives, but are they built after the pattern? Who is the pattern? (Phil. 3:17)
  • Vs 20-22: Is there a place and time where God can speak to us? Are we free to hear His voice when He calls?
[Read Lev. 24:1-9]
  • Vs 30: Do we eat of the Bread of Life, the Word of God, weekly? [John 6:47-51]
  • Vs 31: Do we tend to the light in us evening and morning? [John 8:12, Matt. 5:14,15]
  • [Ex. 30:7-8] Do we send our prayers up like incense morning and evening? [Rev. 5:8]
  • When we pray, do we go into the inner room or Sanctuary like Yeshua said? [Matt. 6:5-7]
[Read John 15:1-17]

Are we abiding in Yeshua and is He comfortable abiding in us? When we are in this relationship, then we will “ask whatever we wish and it shall be done” for us.

[1] Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture references are taken from the Tree Of Life Version (TLV), 2014.