Messianic Judaism

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Messianic Judaism

Recently we came across one of the best explanations of Messianic Judaism we had ever seen. We have copied it almost verbatim below[1]:

Hineh Yeshua Congregation aims to bring the fullness of the gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah to His brethren according to the flesh. We hold that Scriptural Judaism – not Talmudic or Rabbinical, still less Reformed – is as much as divine revelation as Christianity. The canon of the New Testament has no higher Divine authority than has that of the Old. Neither is complete without the other. Salvation is from the Jews, John 4:22. And the gospel is “to the Jew first,” Rom. 1:18. The Jew is not a Gentile. The term “proselyte,” therefore, can never apply to the Jew. The promises of God are Israel’s Rom. 9:4, 5. Gentile believers are the real “proselytes,” once far off, now made nigh, Eph. 2:12, 13. The root of God’s good olive tree, Israel, bears us; not we the root, Rom. 11:17, 18. To “proselyte” the Jew, then, is to ignore and to reverse the Divine order.

The Jew has no need whatever of the organizations or institutions of historical (i.e. Gentile and denominational) Christianity. All he needs is personal, saving faith in his own Jewish Messiah, the Messiah (Christ) of God, nothing more. And all that was Divinely given him through Moses he has full liberty to retain and uphold as far as possible when he becomes a believer in Yeshua the Messiah. This to us clearly follows from these Scriptural considerations:

  1. Abraham – the Divine pattern of the true Jew, as well as of the believing Gentile, Rom. 4:11, 12 – received circumcision as an everlasting covenant after he had believed God unto justification, Gen. 17:9-14. God Himself added circumcision to Abraham’s faith. And thus Paul writes: “Is any man called being circumcised? Let him not become uncircumcised,” 1 Cor. 7:18. This was the ruling of the apostle to the Gentiles in all the churches. (Compare Ezek. 44:7, 9)
  2. The natural seed of Jacob shall not cease to be a nation before the Lord forever, Jerem. 30:11, 31:35, 37; 46:28; Rom. 11:1, 29. This is God’s eternal purpose and the secret of Israel’s preservation. Even so at this present time – through the gospel – a remnant of the nation is being saved, according to the election of grace, Rom. 11:5. These saved Jews, to be a true remnant, should not surrender any of the Divinely appointed marks of the nation Israel. They should not be taught to un-Jew themselves.
  3. The Lord and Messiah, Yeshua was a minister of the circumcision for the truth of God. (Israel’s national election). Rom. 15:8. He came not to destroy, but to fulfill, the law. Jewish disciples of Messiah, by the word of the Lord Himself, should not be taught to break or disregard one of these least commandments, Matt. 5:17, 19. They should walk and live even as He lived among His own people, i.e. as true, conforming Jews (barring, of course, mere traditions of the elders and the commandments of men), 1 John 2:6.
  4. On and from the day of Pentecost myriads of Jewish believers were by the Holy Spirit baptized into fellowship with the glorified Messiah. He did not cause or direct either the apostles or other Jewish believers to “forsake Moses.” Apostolic teaching and practice throughout the New Testament only show Messianic Jews (formerly called Jewish Christians) “walking orderly and keeping the law.” Acts 2:46, 47; 3:1; 6:7; 10:9; (chap. 15:28, 29 by implication, clearly makes observance of all the laws and ordinances of Moses for Jewish believers a matter pleasing to the Holy Ghost); 16:3; 18:18; 20:16; 21:17-26; 23:1; 25:8.

Yeshua the Messiah, the Son of God, is also Son of Abraham and the Son of David. He is at once Head over all things to the church (built up of Jews and Gentiles), and the rightful and coming heir of David’s throne, which He will restore and occupy at His return from heaven, Luke 1:32, 33; Acts 15:16; 3:21. Yeshua has not surrendered or forfeited His distinctive claim to the throne of His (Jewish) ancestor, David, by ascending on high and becoming the glorified Head of His body, the church. No more should Jewish believers in Messiah, being living members of His body, be made or taught to surrender anything which is Divinely ordered and appointed for Israel as God’s and Messiah’s age-lasting and peculiar people.

[1] Ernst F, Stroeter and Arno C. Gaebelein, eds., The Principles of the Hope of Israel Movement (Vol. 3 of Our Hope; ed. Ernst F. Stroeter, New York, Hope of Israel Mission to the Jews, 1896 )