Who We Are

Who We Are


Our Mission:

We are a Messianic Community of Jews and Gentiles who want all people to “Behold Yeshua” as the promised Messiah, for the Jew first, but also for the world.

Our Vision:

The vision of HYC is to proclaim, to pray, to prepare, to praise and to preserve, for the Jew first and also for the Gentile.

  • To Proclaim through evangelism, preaching and teaching to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.
  • To Pray for each other and for other congregations, and to pray for evangelism (both here, in Israel and worldwide).
  • To Prepare through disciple-making, a people who are fully engaged in the Messianic Body, and who are investing their spiritual gifts, abilities and resources in service to our congregation and our community.
  • To Praise and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on every Shabbat and Chagim (Feast Day) in a way that exults Yeshua as Messiah and Lord.
  • To Preserve for the next generation, the Messianic testimony, Biblical heritage and cultural identity of Jewish followers of Yeshua.

 Our Leadership:

Robert Miles is a Messianic Pastor ordained by the IAMCS and on staff with Celebrate Messiah. He was send out from Baruch HaShem Messianic Congregation in San Antonio, Texas where he had been an Elder and Chaverim (homegroup) leader. He is happily married to Eleanor, his wife of 22 years, and has 4 beautiful children.

Eleanor holds a BA in Biblical Literature from Oral Roberts University, and is currently working on a Master of Divinity in Messianic Judaism from the Feinberg program at Talbot School of Theology. Eleanor teaches Hebrew with the ministry of Celebrate Messiah. In Canberra she co-pastors with her husband at HYC.

Our Association:

HYC is a part of the Celebrate Messiah network of Messianic Congregations.

Celebrate Messiah has been sharing the love of Messiah with Jewish people in Australia since it was was founded in 1995 by Lawrence and Louise Hirsch. Lawrence is a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus) and the current Executive Director of Celebrate Messiah.

Celebrate Messiah is an interdenominational, evangelistic society dedicated to raising the banner of Messiah amongst God’s ancient people in Australia and abroad through our partnership with Chosen People Global Ministries.

To learn more about Celebrate Messiah, please visit: http://www.CelebrateMessiah.com.au.